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Our sessions



We are open 9am—3pm, 5 days a week, 38 weeks a year.

Our sessions are:


   Monday– Friday   Session           09:00-12:00  (3 hours)


   Lunch  Session (packed lunch)    09:00-13:30  (4 ½ hours)

   P.M Session                                12:00-15:00  (3 hours)

   All Day Session                            09:00-15:00  (6 hours)        

We appreciate the increasing demands on parents and therefore we are able to accommodate any alternative hours to suit you and your child between the hours of 9am—3pm.

The fee is £6.00 per hour which we request is paid at the beginning of each term other payment plans are available if required. KCC funding is available for eligible children. Children who are eligible for funding will receive this up to a maximum of 30 hours per week, please see the Free Child Care at Cherubs tab for more details, additional hours can be added at the same rate. We accept childcare vouchers.

Each session follows a similar routine such as :

The children arrive at the start time of the session and whilst parents come and go, staff are able to talk to them and help settle the children in a relaxed atmosphere.

We find that the children like to choose from the various activities and games around. The morning continues with lots more activities and indoor and outdoor fun.

We have a free flow snack table offering healthy choices, children have the opportunity to help themselves to food and drink and clear the table when they have finished. 

Opportunities for outdoor play are offered daily, physical activities are encouraged inside and out.

We enjoy our songs, dances ,action rhymes and stories.

Quotes from our latest OFSTED report
"The leadership of the provision is inspirational. All staff work together as a cohesive, efficient team and their individual talent and expertise are recognised and celebrated.".
"Children develop excellent social skills and spend much of their time laughing with their friends and with staff. Staff make superb use of humour, enabling children to try new things without any fear of failure. This supports children to gain valuable learning as they discover through repeated trial and error."
" Partnerships with parents are highly effective. Parents express tremendous praise and gratitude to the staff for the support they offer to children and the whole family. Parents feel that their children are prepared as well as possible for their move to school. "
"All children have tremendous fun at the pre-school and make rapid progress in their learning and development, including those with special educational needs. Children's high levels of academic achievement, along with their confidence, prepare them exceptionally well for their move to school. "
"Children talk confidently with adults, they listen attentively, ask questions and engage in lengthy discussion"    
For more details  Please contact us on 07947 776140
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